You have arrived at this site because of your upcoming move. I have a word of caution against a vendor who may or may not claim to be ahead of your pack. Speaking from experience September 2017, I had a lot of very personal items stolen from me. THESE ITEMS WERE IN PLACES THAT WERE PACKED... in other words, NOT "out-in-the-open" items. Therefore when I unpacked with my wife, the only person who had access was this vendor. She stole jewelry, my wife's expensive makeup, Christmas decorations (Yes, family heirloom one-of-a-kind type of stuff), my wife's medication - we had to move precisely due to my wife's debilitating fibromyalgia. She f***ing took my wife's neurontin. More jewelry (even a small pair of diamond earrings). There's more problems, please email if you'd like me to continue.

She was a referral from a close friend, so we did not monitor her. Big mistake. I watched the 2 other vendors load and unload like a HAWK because I did not know or trust them. I wish I had done the same with her. For more details, please read Yelp review: https://www.yelp.com/biz/ahead-of-the-pack-fort-collins?hrid=ZVMbK8_SgNKWD48-jtwN9w or email me at: NeverAshleyTheGrub@gmail.com Oh, and if you're wondering how you've reached my website, a fortuitous opportunity to acquire this expired website came upon me by chance, courtesy of GoDaddy.com for a $12 auction. LOL Kharmic retribution? I don't know... it has cost me more money and time to host and build this site, but I'm doing it so that YOU don't fall prey to a thief. I am an entrepreneur who takes honor and integrity very seriously.

PLEASE PLEASE BEWARE, and if you're foolish enough to give her business, WATCH HER.

Whatever you do, I would kindly ask that you refrain from mentioning this website "redesign" ... I want as many people to be notified as possible! UPDATES below. :-) God Bless, count yourself lucky if you decide to find another moving company!!


February 15, 2018 - Email from her brother:  "My Father passed away in April. She was down here... & stole items left for my sister and me, (and) packed my parents house in Flagstaff & stole more items. She has severe drug & mental issues. Feel free to contact me. I also hope you have reported her to the authorities. We are going to do so... She is a truly evil person... you should have seen how she treated my Father in his last year of life."

February 16, 2018 - spoke with her brother for 28 min